Isilda Gomes sends an open letter to the local business community about the Formula 1 and MotoGP world championships

The mayor believes that the two motorsports events that attract the most media coverage are excellent business opportunities.

The mayor believes that the two motorsports events that attract the most media coverage are excellent business opportunities. The Mayor of Portimão, Isilda Gomes, sent a letter to the local business community about how important it is for the municipality to be hosting, in the space of one month, the two biggest events in motorsports, the Formula 1 and the MotoGP world championships, which will be held at the Algarve International Circuit. In her letter, the mayor pointed out that the two races “are an attractive challenge: they will be the first to have spectators since competition was resumed, with very strict health protocols being followed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which fills us with pride and responsibility.” On behalf of the municipality, Isilda Gomes assured that “we will do everything in our power to welcome the around 80,000 people who will be visiting our city, counting both events together”, adding that “despite all the contingencies in force and the safety measures we will be making a point of implementing under the scope of preventing the spread of COVID-19, these events will reveal a set of opportunities for our local business community.” To this end, Portimão MotorSports was launched, which, “more than just a number of entertainment events, aims to be a concept and a brand that will establish Portimão as the city of the Algarve International Circuit and as a place with its arms wide open to welcome the big fans of motorsports. It will be decorated to welcome the visitors and a point will be made of showing them the best of what we have to offer: heritage, culture and cuisine.” Apart from the races, “there will be lots of other exciting things to do in Portimão, from 16 to 25 October and from 13 to 22 November”, through the organisation of a number of entertainment and decoration activities, “inviting spectators to combine watching the races with a visit to our city”, the Mayor pointed out. “Our ‘circuit’ will begin at Largo da Mó, then on to Alameda, Jardim 1º de Dezembro and the shorefront area. There will be lots of entertainment related to motorsports in these areas, such as motor shows, as well as concerts (two big names in Portuguese music already confirmed), live broadcasts of the training sessions and races on big screens, street entertainment, the RFM broadcast lorry with live broadcasts from Portimão, gaming and 7D simulators”, according to Isilda Gomes. The aim is for all of these activities “to draw in visitors so that they will go to our shops, savour our cuisine and experience our leisure proposals, so they can thrill to high-speed emotions, even off the track.” “As a complement to this programme, we will be making a point of giving out a chequered flag to the different shops in Portimão, so that we can recreate – insofar as possible and with all the necessary precautions – the festive environment so characteristic of the big victories in these world sports events”, the Mayor said in a message to the businesspeople in the municipality, who she asks for “commitment and dedication so that we can once again surprise those who visit us with our traditional hospitality, professionalism and friendliness.”

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